Stephen Colbert: 420

The obsession with weed continues to annoy me, the fact that you can now get weed in a drive through is the most idiotic idea ever. You are asking for impaired driving and unsafe conditions. Weed may not be as dangerous as it once was assumed to be, but it sure isn’t the safest thing in the world and for everyone to widely accept this day as they day we all do drugs and are ok with it is a sickening direction for our country. People scoff at the idea that weed will be a gateway drug but it is pretty funny how a couple of years ago people were fighting to have weed be used for medical purposes, and now that they got that they have moved to the next idea of having used for recreational purposes. But this at the moment is an illegal drug except for in a couple of states and the attitude that we have towards something that is illegal is a peculiar one at best.

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