“The Fate of the Furious” Interview

For today’s interview I decided to interview my lifelong friend Tyler (an avid “Fast and Furious” fan) to see what he thought of the new installment and the direction the films are taking as well as some of the political ramifications this film might have.

Dusty (Interviewer): So tell us how you felt about the movie as a whole.

Tyler (Interviewee): I loved the new installment, it was fast paced with plenty of action, which I love, but it also had a brilliant story line where for the first time we actually see Dom and the rest of the family pitted against each other.

Dusty: How did it feel to watch a “Fast and Furious” movie without Paul Walker.

Tyler: As an avid fan, it honestly felt like a part of the family was missing. While the movie was still amazing it was hard to stay focused when I would start thinking about how much better this movie could’ve been with him in it. He was a vital role to the movies and it will be hard if not even impossible to replace him.

Dusty: What are your thoughts on Fast 8 being the first film to be shot in Cuba since the relationship had been strengthened and Cuba has opened up.

Tyler: I definitely think it is cool that Fast 8 can make that claim especially since it gives the movie cool scenery and settings. It also speaks to our growing relationship with Cuba and how we can continue to ease tensions and start to benefit from each other in the future. It also benefits Cuba because other producers and movie companies will see the success of this movie and want to take part of this new and unexplored option.

Dusty: Where do you see the film franchise going from here?

Tyler: I honestly have no idea, I thought it was over after the last movie and then they did a complete 180 and made Dom the “villain” in this movie. So I would assume they will try to break up the group again but that is merely a guess.


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