Survivor: Zeke’s Confession

This week on Survivor Zeke was unveiled as being Transgender during Tribal Council where they decide who will be going home that week. The announcement came as a surprise and was given out by some other player on the team, Jeff Varner. The uproar of the other players as to Jeff revealing this private information was enthusiastic to say the least, as well as the public uproar during and after the episode. Although it is something I disagree with, I respect Zeke for not wanting it to be known so people would just know him as Zeke and not the “Transgender Survivor Guy.” He wanted to build a reputation and status based on his own merit, but now the whole world knows. My only hope is that the other contestants don’t take it easy on Zeke because he is Transgender and are reluctant to vote him off the show even if it might be the best move.



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