“Life” Politics

I just saw the movie “Life” about astronauts in the International Space Station dealing with another life form that arrives to them in a petri dish from Mars. They began testing on it and trying it in different atmospheres where it eventually becomes too strong for them to handle and they end up being tormented and eventually killed, doing everything they can to keep this alien creature from reaching earth. NASA even at one points sends up a rocket to push the International Space Station out to deep space, destroying billions of dollars of property to and 4 human lives to ensure the safety of the planet. And I personally would hope in real life that NASA would make the same decision. It was an enjoyable movie to watch but also a reality check to sit there and think about how much we yearn to find new life elsewhere in the Universe but have no idea what we would do with it once we found it. What if the new life did nothing, then we would be disappointed or what if, as showed in this movie, it was a more powerful species that we couldn’t deal with. I like the fact that they make the decision to keep the alien on the Space station until determined to be safe which it obviously wasn’t but that is at least somewhat reassuring. It is just that as we look for life elsewhere what exactly are we looking for in them, what is it that we want from them.



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