“The Case For Christ” Interview

Recently my roommates and I decided to see the movie “The Case for Christ” about Lee Strobel a journalist in the 80’s and an avowed atheist who sets out on a quest to disprove christianity based on the facts that the death and resurrection didn’t happen. But he ends up not only finding his evidence to support his claim but quite the contrary, he finds so much evidence that supports the crucifixion of Jesus that he ends up becoming a devout Christian and leads a church now. So I wanted to ask my roommate Connor a few questions on the subject.

Dusty (Interviewer): So Connor what was your overall impression of the film?

Connor (Interviewee): I thought the movie was really good and really well done. As a devout christian myself it was obviously something that piqued my interest, but unlike most other christian produced movies this one wasn’t cheesy or cringe worthy. This movie had a very real tone to it and can be taken seriously by all movie fans, not just those that are christian. What makes it so good to me is the journalistic aspect that is a part of the story, I love the way Lee goes about his journey to disprove the crucifixion with clear and concise detail. He attacks it from every direction only to have his assumptions proven wrong, it is a brilliant piece of movie making.

Dusty: What do you feel the message is that the movie is trying to send?

Connor: I feel the message gets a little misconstrued in this movie, where people may see a man who bases his faith in God on facts and numbers and eye witness accounts whereas the true meaning of faith is believing without needing all of that. But the message of the movie could also be taken to mean that God will meet you and accept you no matter where you come from and how far from him you were, he always welcomes you with open arms.

Dusty: What kind of effect might this movie have on society today?

Connor: I think we are apart of a society that is becoming more and more apathetic about faith, we constantly are distracted by screens or don’t have time for faith, or simply somebody told us otherwise so we believe them. So I think this movie could really touch the live of some people who are unsure about faith, because it has the interesting story and good quality to attract a mainstream audience. And with the points that the movie covers, those might be the exact same questions the people in the theater are asking themselves, so it might do some good.


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