“Power Rangers” Cast

I recently saw the new “Power Rangers” movie and it brought back many good memories of the old rangers but had an exciting and 21st century twist to it. It wasn’t the greatest of movies but about what you could expect from a power rangers movie. But in the build up to the movie I read this article about how politically correct the cast was and the power rangers production team could breathe a sigh of relief because no social justice warriors were coming after them. This is absolutely disgraceful, the fact that this movie couldn’t make cast decisions without wondering whether or not the public will be outraged by it or not. And then when they do make their decision they have to just sit and wait to see whether or not there is a public outcry. It’s just silly the level of political correctness we have come to in this country, it seems like every move that is made there is a twitter army out there waiting to call foul. I thoroughly enjoyed the cast and the qualities they embodied in each of their characters, but that is what I base the movie off of, not the color or ethnicity of the person playing the part but how well they act.



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