“Kong: Skull Island”

The new adaptation of King Kong was an interesting one with a whole new storyline based on the Island itself and it taking place in the 1970’s after the end of the Vietnam war. But the idiot (James Robert Douglas) who wrote this article believes that King Kong is somewhat a representation of Donald Trump. Which is quite possibly the most sensitive and ignorant thing I have ever heard. First of all, there is no way that Samuel Jackson would sign on to be in a movie that represents Donald Trump, he wouldn’t think about acting a movie that sent that kind of political message. Secondly, his comparisons of King Kong and Donald Trump are absurd. Basically he states that since they are both in power and they both want secure borders then the movie is trying to send a Trump message. Douglas goes on to say “There’s a sense that ostensibly democratic governments have hardened against the interests of their citizens, and that, barring a tip of the political apple cart, voters are unable to force a course change.” when referring to the election of Trump and the Brexit vote, which is really interesting considering voters forced both of those changes. This is obviously just some liberal still upset about the election who is trying to reach as much as possible to make Donald Trump look bad, even if it means comparing him to a 100 foot tall gorilla. Why can’t movies just be innocent anymore? Why do they always have to have some hidden political message? It is a movie about a giant gorilla on a remote island in the Pacific, they couldn’t be trying harder to remove themselves from any political ramifications, yet people like Mr. Douglas always want to find something wrong.


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