Last Week Tonight: Obamacare

In this weeks version of “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver went after the people who oppose Obamacare while looking to poke holes in any sort of replacement plan that Republicans have managed to put together so far as can be seen here. Oliver was appalled by one of the estimates of how much different age groups would receive in refundable tax credits on the new plan, referring to it as “about a third of the cheapest plans on the market” and it gives as much coverage as a “thong.” To that point I would say that people should be lucky there is a plan at all to be refunding them in the future, because some would rather see it all gone and back to where everyone was fending for yourself again, then see if people are complaining about a “third.” It is not the American government’s duty to provide us with health care, yet it is the new norm that has been bestowed upon us by our previous President and would be too difficult and harmful to untangle. But, John Oliver complains about all of the alternatives when sticking with Obamacare would be just as harmful with greatly increasing premiums and more and more companies no longer backing Obamacare, it would’ve put itself out in a few years without anyone having to touch it. So yes the new healthcare reform may not be the everything’s free sweepstakes that Obamacare was, but thank the lord it isn’t, it is an attempt at finding some middle ground and compromising with the other side to make the most people happy that is possible.


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