Hacksaw Ridge

I know I usually write about movies currently in theaters but I had to take a step outside of that and discuss the movie Hacksaw Ridge which I felt was in the realm of current because the DVD release was this week. This movie was absolutely incredible and it had a beautiful message standing for what you believe in no matter the consequences. It also put Faith right smack dab in the middle of focus, which is rare for the Hollywood and America that we witness these days where Faith, especially Christianity, is pushed aside. I really appreciate the work of Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield for not being afraid to express their Faith in God in such a open manner. With many people demeaning Christianity nowadays it was a breath of fresh air to see a movie recognize the work of Jesus Christ through Desmond Doss and his heroic work to save dozens of lives. This movie will move you like no other, to see a feat of strength and courage, to stay when everyone else ran, all while giving glory to God. This movie is everything that is right with this country.9601

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