A Cure for Fake News

My roommates and I decided to go see the film “A Cure for Wellness” despite the not so flattering reviews and the under performance at the box office so far. The movie is about a wellness center that uses a miracle cure that isn’t what it seems. It was a good but extremely weird movie, but what was most interesting was one of their advertising strategies they used. They used a fake news site as detailed in this New York Times article. So I thought it was a good opportunity to interview my roommate Brandon about what he thinks of the movie and its advertising scheme.

Dustin (interviewer): So Brandon, what do you think of fake news and fake news sites in general?

Brandon (interviewee): I would say that they are unethical for enticing readers to click on their site because it seems to be an amazing or very interesting story that would be huge, and it just adds fuel to like a political viewpoint that already hated the other side. With the fake news though this hatred could all be based off of a story that isn’t true at all.

Dustin: Explain how you witness fake news sites and you tell they are fake.

Brandon: I witness fake news like most people see it, on Facebook. One diehard supporter of a certain side in politics shares a news story they saw that will demean the opponent and all of that person’s friends see it. But I can only really tell that it is fake if the story is just way too out there for it to be true. Usually if there is a chance that it could be true I can’t tell so I usually just end up believing it without checking the credibility of the website, because I just don’t care enough about politics to want to.

Dustin: So how did you feel when you saw that “A Cure for Wellness” used a fake news site to advertise their movie?

Brandon: Honestly, I thought it was really clever and funny at first. I mean a fake cure using fake news to for advertisement, was a pretty good idea I will give them that. Plus, this movie wasn’t going to be a blockbuster anyways so they had to do anything really to spark interest, which it still didn’t work. But, on the other hand it was a poor decision because they have now paid a fake news writer, given him funds to continue his writings, put fake news on an even broader scale where there is sure to be copy cats for something like this. Basically, they have given fake news the opportunity to grow.


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