Last Week Tonight: Putin Problems

Although I normally disagree with John Oliver’s political views, I truly enjoy his weekly HBO segments of “Last Week Tonight.” This week he was talking about Russian President (dictator) Vladimir Putin, which can be seen here. John Oliver was specifically pointing out how there is evidence that suggests he is apart of intimidation and murders of political opponents, hides his wealth, and creates heroic propaganda to improve his image. All this and our President wants to cozy up to him, now understand that all of the clips he uses will of course support Oliver’s case but it is still concerning. I think it would be wonderful to be on peaceful terms with Russia but I am not sure Putin is someone who can be trusted to be an ally. It is also concerning to know that Trump might be hesitant to use force with Putin if Putin decides to test us like he has done before, and President Obama was criticized for responding in a weak manner as well. I think Trump has the right idea in improving relations with Putin and Russia, but he needs to agree on our terms not the other way around and let him feel like he has even more influence and power.2009-siberia-russia-prim-008

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