Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump Presser.

As you can probably tell by know I like to expose myself to a lot of left leaning talk shows, one because I find it important to take in news from both sides, and if gives me good content to write about for my blogs. On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Stephen decided to take his shots at Donald Trump’s first solo Press Conference in his show. As a Trump supporter it was hard to watch the blaring in-competencies of our President during this press conference, but I wanted to see what the feeling was of someone who was unsure about our President and even opposes him most of the time. So I asked none other than my girlfriend Lainey to be my interviewee on this occasion.

Dustin (interviewer): So what was your initial reaction to Colbert’s portrayal of Donald Trump’s press conference?

Lainey (interviewee): After watching this video I honestly have no idea how this man made it to this position. He seems to have very little clue as to what he is doing, especially when he is up there by himself and nobody can bail him out when he puts his foot in his own mouth.

Dustin: Any specific events in the video that made you feel this way?

Lainey: Well mainly all of it but specifically I would have to say when he was talking about his margin of victory in the election as the highest since Reagan yet he is called out for being wrong TWICE! But he just blows it off like it is no big deal. It is terrifying that our president cannot even check his facts and stats prior to addressing the nation.

Dustin: Do you feel that Stephen Colbert’s attack of our president was warranted or has a place in politics? Why or why not?

Lainey: I definitely feel the attack was warranted, Trump looked like a complete fool and he needs to be called out about it so he can recognize his mistakes and improve. However, Donald Trump is our President now and has been for almost a month now and we need to try and live with this fact. I am not so sure dwelling on every little idiotic thing Trump says (which is a lot)  will allow us to try and find common ground between the two sides and start to improve relations.

Dustin: How do you think showing this video on TV affects viewers>

Lainey: Well it obviously is going to make people look at Trump in a more negative light, if they didn’t already. This is very well made to pick out the worst parts of the video and make something comical out of it, which is a common tactic on all sides, and it works really well.US-POLITICS-TRUMP

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