Last Week Tonight- Trump Lies

On the first episode of the new season of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” John talks about the many lies that Donald Trump has told throughout his Presidential term already and even the ones prior to being elected which can be seen here. Now just like any normal person I am not one who is super enthusiastic about anyone lying, especially the leader of the free world. John Oliver wants to know how a pathological lier like The Donald himself got into the most powerful office in the world, and I would have to say that the fact that Trump is in fact president speaks volumes. Many of his supporters are fully aware of the times that he lies of misconstrues the facts, but they would much rather have him in office rather any snake the Left had to offer. The American public was fed up with the typical covert politicians running our country and they were able to elect someone who they feel represents them. Nobody wishes for Trump to continue lying but they can live with it as opposed to the alternative.maxresdefault1

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