Colbert on Trump and Sessions

Stephen Colbert began his monologue on Thursday by talking about the events that took place in the Senate regarding Elizabeth Warren’s attempted attack on Jeff Sessions, and then being voted on to be silent by Mitch Mcconnell and other Republican senators. Stephen Colbert then attempted to play that she was told to be silent because she is a woman amongst men, and then other male senators were allowed to read from the same letter the following day. This isn’t the case at all, they didn’t want her reading it because the letter attacked Sessions’ character as well as a difference in political parties. It had nothing to do with sexism and it is frustrating someone would accuse them of such. Plus, the only reason they didn’t do the same thing the following day to the male senators reading the same letter was that, the Republican senators, Mcconnell particularly, had received so much backlash following the exchange, that could’ve been handled better, they didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. I cannot stand when things like this happen that are based solely on a difference of opinion and then are misconstrued as sexist or racist, we have to stop making things seem worse than they are.

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