Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures Day 41I recently went to see the Oscar nominated film Hidden Figures about the forgotten African American women Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who played vital roles in early NASA explorations like getting a man into space for the first time. I think this movie comes to us at a very important time for our country. Where we are divided to a point I have never witnessed in my lifetime, and this movie shows the courage of these women in the face of discrimination and adversity to be apart of NASA sending a man into space. Hopefully seeing these women accomplishing so much with so little people can start to appreciate others with different views and backgrounds. I appreciate this movie for teaching me about incredible individuals that I never would’ve known otherwise. Seeing these women succeed when being forced to work in an underground office and constantly receiving resistance has inspired me to no longer look at obstacles as insurmountable, and hopefully it will inspire a nation.

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