Donald Trump’s Televised SCOTUS Nom

Recently President Donald Trump decided to make his Supreme Court nomination public by presenting it on primetime television for the world to see. This usually takes place quietly during the middle of the day and we find out through various news sites, yet Trump being the master of self image made the most of the opportunity. To further understand the ramifications this move had on the public, especially the uninformed public, I interviewed my friend Connor, who usually refrains from looking into politics yet found himself watching on this occasion. The video can be found here.

Dustin: What would you say that you saw on this TV program?
Connor: I saw President Donald Trump nominate our new Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch in front of the nation.
Dustin: What has your political involvement and knowledge been in the past?
Connor: My political involvement has been very little most of what I know probably comes from social media or friends who are well informed on the issues but are usually bias. I voted for the party that I support but I didn’t really know much about the candidates?
Dustin: So have you ever been immediately aware of such appointments to political offices or Supreme Court in the past?
Connor: No I have not been immediately aware of appointments to any political positions in the past however, this was the first for me to know of right away because it was televised.
Dustin: How do you think televising appointments like this as opposed to doing them in a less public setting as it is been done in the past influences the general public especially those who aren’t as informed?

Connor: I think this is a lot better for me and the general public to have these things televised and put on social media because I’m not gonna go out of my way to go and watch this to figure out what happens unless it’s easy to access and being televised. Also, this is going to lead to more political activity resulting in more people having their voice heard and making more educated decisions on political matters.
Dustin: OK going forward would you like to see more appointments made in primetime on network television like this one? Why or why not?

Connor: Yes I would like this to be more things like this to be televised because it’s allowing myself be more informed on what the president doing and the decisions he’s making rather than getting it from secondary sources which can be bias. Plus, it is important to listen to our President directly and really hear what he has to say in full instead of getting the best or worst 30 second clips on twitter.


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