SNL’s Trump Recklessness

SNL went back to the “well” by using Donald Trump as the butt of their joke again. In this sketch they refer to Trump’s recklessness when talking to other heads of state, such as the Mexican President, Australian Prime Minister and the German Chancellor. The sketch shows how Trump can go into a conversation with these people over the phone without any prior advice or knowledge and can end up coming off as un presidential and create tension. I would agree that Trump needs to have a more formal plan and help from advisors before jumping into these important conversations, this way something positive can be achieved and nobody hangs up on the other mid sentence like a middle school relationship. So where I do agree with SNL’s viewpoint on that matter, I disagree with the portion where they make references of comparing President Trump to Hitler. Whatever you may think of the man, he has done nothing to warrant a comparison to a man who slaughtered 6 million jews, he tried to enact a temporary ban of 7 islamic countries to try and protect our nation, not kill every Muslim. In fact Hank Williams Jr. was ridiculed and had his “Monday Night Football” song revoked in 2012 for making the same comparison of Hitler to Obama, yet SNL received no such condemnation.snl5n-9-web

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