Gaga’s Super Bowl

Tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show showcased Lady Gaga, who is an absolutely immaculate singer, and she put on a great show! Now, Lady Gaga and myself are pretty different when it comes to politics where she was out in front of Trump Tower after the election protesting, and I actually voted for Trump. Lady Gaga began her performance with God Bless America and then transitioned into “This Land is Your Land” which has recently become a widespread Travel Ban protest song. So this could be seen as a subtle shot at our president, however I do have applaud Lady Gaga for only making it subtle and not turning the entire performance into something political. The thing is that, that song could even be interpreted as a unifying song if you weren’t aware of the current situation, so to know she was making a stand to those who are well informed but it was subtle enough that it went unnoticed to those who haven’t been following the protests speaks a lot about Lady Gaga’s character. I for one was Extremely impressed with her tonight, and not just by the incredible performance. The entire performance can be seen hereSuper Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons


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