Colbert and Prayers

The other night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” he talked about Trump addressing his “Haters” at the National Prayer breakfast, namely Arnold Schwarzenegger which can be seen here. Now usually I disagree with the standpoints that Stephen Colbert takes, especially regarding President Trump, but this time I would have to agree with him. As a christian I don’t thinking using the National Prayer Breakfast is the best opportunity to talk about your old show and the ratings that it is receiving. It is a wonder opportunity to rally people together and pray for those in need all across our world and our severely divided nation. Prayer should never be used to “diss” someone, and honestly I don’t think there is ever a proper time for President Trump to be talking about “The Apprentice”, it is a responsibility he gave up when became president. I usually stand by Trump’s decisions and can sometimes look past when he puts his foot in his mouth, but this time was just a little too much for me to let go.4eb9742612c216f30adaa417fa80f305

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