“The Terminal” and Trump

I was talking about the Trump travel ban executive order with a group of friends recently and although we had differing opinions we all felt sympathy for those who had been in mid air when the order was signed and they were stuck in the terminals. We then realized how this sounded eerily similar to the 2004 Tom Hanks movie “The Terminal” where the main character is stuck in a terminal due to issues in his home country. He stays there for months waiting for his countries war to subside and be recognized. No matter the circumstance with the home country unless the individual threatens natural security I feel nobody should have to spend the night in a terminal, especially if the solution won’t be solved within a day. I understand the President’s decision to order the travel ban from the specified 7 countries, however I wish those who are stuck in limbo are given a comfortable place to stay while they await their judgement.5c319e2071db432ea87eff3a9df4fc17


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