“A Dog’s Purpose”

Once again an innocent movie in “A Dog’s Purpose” is coming under scrutiny in our overly politically correct world that we live in. People were criticizing the treatment of the animals on set that be seen on this article. This movie which is a feel good story about animals has now become the center 0f controversy and even some protest. I am not sitting here and condoning animal violence in any way shape or form, I am just saying that people don’t need to freak out at every little instance that occurs. People are actually calling for a boycott of this movie, and PETA is saying that live animals should’t be used on set at all. The video was spliced to look worse than it was to get this exact reaction out of people. In the end no harm was brought upon the dog and I’m he is taken care of better than most dogs, our world and mainly our country needs to stop being over sensitive to everything. “A Dog’s Purpose” is a good movie and is a celebration of animals mainly dogs, don’t let this be the reason you don’t see it.hero_dogs-purpose-2017


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