“SAG” Awards

On Sunday the Screen Actors Guild Awards took place, and as is the case with all award shows, each celebrity that took the stage gave their own 2 minute political spiel. However, in this specific case almost every political comment was about President Trump’s travel ban, all comments can be heard here. The problem is that actors and celebrities are very disconnected from the real world and real problems, any protest or advice from them feels shallow and unrelatable. Whether the ban is in effect or not, nothing changes about their lives, plus they want to sit all high mighty and make claims towards our president, whereas if it came down to it these people would never open their own doors or arms to these refugees due to their own elitist attitudes.davidharbour-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqgmfsejqk2m33nnfq31q2_7z8rez4kcjvyv6wucchbri

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