La La (Politically Correct) Land

So of course I couldn’t have a movie weekend without seeing the critically acclaimed and Oscar Nominee “La La Land” which I found to be absolutely fantastic. However, as I was reading the reviews, because I didn’t really understand the ending, I came across this article speaking of how “La La Land” represents a white supremacist point of view because the movies shows white people reviving jazz and reminiscing about the 1950’s as if it were a better time. I find this to be an over sensitive and false claim to make. This may be hard for some people to believe but there are innocent movies made without any racially insensitive motivation. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are very culturally actors and would never put on a production that could be interpreted as disrespectful. The political correctness of this country has gone too far to where people are out looking for something to complain about.img_8931

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