Patriots Day Police

I recently went to see the movie “Patriots Day” which details the story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and the subsequent manhunt that ensued. I found this film to have a surprising yet refreshing depiction of it’s police officers. Whereas Hollywood tends to lean left politically, and there seems to be a negative attitude towards law enforcement as a whole. However, their image is completely different in this movie, they are shown as heroes (which they were/are) with unparalleled courage and hours of devotion to ending the manhunt. The movie even goes as far as to overlook the minor mistakes and mishaps that police officers experienced in real life. I feel that this is a very positive approach to take in order to improve the public perception of police officers. If more movies and other large forms of communication follow the example of Patriots Day then we can take the first steps to solving the rising tension between the public and police.rt_mark_wahlberg_patriots_day_jt_160418_16x9_992

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