“SNL” on Conway

NBC’s Saturday Night Live continued the rhetoric of Kellyanne Conway only being interested in herself and her own image rather than being a part of bigger cause by running a sketch of Kellyanne during their show. I don’t understand why the media and SNL especially feel the need to marginalize her success. We have millions of women in the streets protesting President Trump because they feel he represents misogyny, yet we just witnessed the first ever women to run a Presidential campaign, and successfully at that, and they have to distance themselves from her or make it seem like she had ulterior motives. Kellyanne Conway is an extremely hard working women and if everyone is wanting to see the advancement and betterment of women then we should view her success as another step in the positive direction, whether we agree with her views or not. She is a smart woman and although many think she put a man in power who will marginalize women, Kellyanne is intelligent enough to know what she is supporting, and she wouldn’t help out a cause or a candidate she didn’t believe was best for this country and ALL of its citizens. Not just to make herself look good.kellyanne-conway-snljpg-6842fbe7d8c69242

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